Our Purpose…

Is to be there for you when you need us.

Our Core Values


We honor the gift of every human life, respect each person for who they are, and accept the responsibility to enhance the lives of those we serve.


We believe in a better future and seek to share this belief by listening and responding to the needs and concerns of others.


We recognize that a basic moral test of a society is how we treat the most vulnerable; therefore, we act with fairness in our relationships and advocate for a society that honors basic human rights.


We believe in giving of ourselves generously, without expectations.


We empathize with the suffering of others and actively work to alleviate such suffering as if it were our own.


We strive for excellence, using our knowledge, skills, and talents to carry out our responsibilities with professionalism, integrity, and commitment.

For Nearly 100 Years...

We have brought justice to the powerless.

300x231-images-stories-history-18th_st_center_800The office of Catholic Charities was established in 1931. Located in Wheeling and under the direction of Reverend Joseph Daly, Catholic Charities united the many charitable outreach services already established in the Diocese and greatly expanded the scope and nature of social assistance in the State. In 1975, the office was reorganized as a self governing and incorporated agency and renamed Catholic Community Services, Inc. In 2008, the name changed to Catholic Charities West Virginia, Inc. more closely defining the agencies outreach.

Over the more than eighty years since, Catholic Charities West Virginia has become the largest private social service provider in the state, serving more than 25,000 people each year with outreach programs and services in rural and populated communities. Catholic Charities WV works with the West Virginia Alliance for Sustainable Families and is pleased to be one of the partners with Reconnecting McDowell, a comprehensive, long-term effort to make educational improvement in McDowell County the route to a brighter economic future. The agency collaborates locally with WV DHHR, several United Way agencies throughout the State, Mountaineer and Facing Hunger Food Banks, local churches and civic organizations and employs LifeBridge AmeriCorps members in seven of our outreach locations. During disasters the agency takes a lead role in West Virginia Organizations Active in Disasters (WV-VOAD).

300x225-images-stories-history-st_johns_home_800The agency is both fiscally and administratively self-governing. Executive offices in Wheeling and the statewide governing board direct the seven regional and five program offices that are managed by professional staff that live in the communities they serve. Regional councils advise and support the regional directors and their staff.

Services are funded through a variety of sources, including congregations and community organizations, state contracts, United Way agencies, corporate and foundation grants and individual donors. The agencies sound management of an $11 million budget results in more than 90% of every $1 going directly to outreach services and programs. Current programs & services include: Disaster Recovery, Homemaker & Case Management services for the elderly and adult disabled in 31 West 300x239-images-stories-history-st_vincents_home_800Virginia counties; in addition to 21 outreach offices which include 11 food pantries and 2 thrift stores; 18 state sponsored Child Care Food Program offices, Child Care Resource & Referral Centers, Birth to Three office, Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats, Migration and Refugee services, and Adult Basic Education. Catholic Charities West Virginia has established statewide best practices in service delivery in the WellnessWorks Food Pantry Program and Case Management services. Flagship Outreach centers includes the Catholic Charities Mobile Outreach and WellnessWorks food pantry in the Parkersburg Region, the Catholic Charities Promise House Family Resource Center and in the Eastern Region and the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center in Wheeling.

How we help

Serve Children

More than 25% of West Virginia’s children live below the poverty line.  Through the Child Care Resource Center, Child Care Food Program, Birth to Three, and Mentoring programs, we serve these voiceless children and invest in our future. 

Assist the Elderly

Our Homemakers and Case Managers work together to provide many different services to the elderly and home-bound in our neighborhoods. Healthcare, transportation, and a simple ear to listen or shoulder to cry on can make a world of difference to an older person.

Providing Food

Catholic Charities West Virginia offers several programs which help our community members to feed their families full, healthy meals.  We have food pantries in every region, two sites for hot meals, a mobile food pantry, as well as delivered meals for the homebound of the Upper Ohio Valley.

Community Outreach

We have 21 Outreach offices across the state which offer numerous personal services to their residents, including Utility Assistance, Parenting Skills Classes, Thrift Stores, and healthy food pantries.