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Refugee Resettlement Services’ goal is to enable the refugee to attain early self-sufficiency. We must keep in mind that refugees were at one time self-sufficient in their native countries. They wish only to regain that self-sufficiency.

Before entering the United States each refugee family must have a sponsor. To accomplish this, church-affiliated agencies, including the U.S. Catholic Conference, Church World Service, and Catholic Charities of West Virginia, match refugees with local churches and families who open their hearts and lives to sponsor newly arrived migrants and refugees.

We are funded in part by the WVDHHR Bureau for Children & Families.

Is resettlement a success?

The answer is a resounding “YES”. Many thousands of refugees have been resettled in the U. S. since 1975. Statistics reveal that most of the employable refugees are self-supporting. Moreover, 97% of West Virginia’s refugees are now self-sufficient. Our state’s refugee public dependency rate is the nation’s lowest.



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